DataEase 8.0 Classic
Has just been released!
You’ve been waiting for it for quite while now but finally the wait is over!
The Developers, 4 the People, have surpassed themselves and crammed DataEase 8.0 full of lots of new features such as:


-Memo and Memo Manipulation class with WebField and RichText Editor (HTMLEditor).

-Form Manipulation via the new SetState(), SetFocus(), SetColor() and SetLabelText() functions.

that you can capitalise on when you start developing new applications with DataEase 8.0.

Old niggles have been addressed and new features incorporated to replace what was problematic.

We’re quite excited about DataEase 8.0 and can’t wait for new products, such as DataEase 8.0 Reporter that will extend reporting facilities. The news on that is: ‘Out soon!’

If you want to buy DataEase 8.0, request a Trial or just get more information, please click the 'Read More' button below.
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DataEase 7.2
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