There are many reasons why DataEase has enjoyed worldwide popularity for over 20 years and these include:

Ease of use

One of the key strengths of DataEase has always been its ease of use – anyone who needs to store, retrieve or manipulate data can create an efficient and powerful database.

Straightforward design

Simply drag and drop objects to design your application. Use style sheets to apply customised fonts and colours. At any time, click on a button to switch between user and designer views to test your work.

Simple business rules

Easily create rules that validate and process your input information as it is typed. Cut down introducing bad data in your application.

Fully relational

DataEase lets you easily define relationships that link the data tables in an application. These can be created “on the fly” and you can display nested tables – ‘subforms’ – within your main form, making the display of related information easily accessible to users.


Users can search through the data and produce their own reports without any programming knowledge. DataEase gives you several different levels of searching and reporting: Query by Form at form/data-entry level, for form searches, Query by Model, allowing you to write sophisticated multi-table reports with a few mouse clicks, and DataEase Query Language (DQL), an easy to learn English-like query language that allows complex reports and data processing procedures to be created using a simple set oriented method. No knowledge of SQL or programming languages is required.

Multi-user system

Your application can be reliably networked with many users, with real automatic network locking. Global options can be set to control the extent of locking. Refresh data on screen, instantly, automatically.

Extra power

Use one of the available 250 plus Custom Defined Functions (CDF’s) written especially for DataEase, or integrate general purpose Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL’s) to extend DataEase’s functionality even further. Or create your own!

Visual and Data Control

You can manipulate both the display of objects on your form and your data by attaching powerful scripts to buttons, fields or any other screen objects. Create audit trails of data input or change the colour and placement of fields conditionally by attaching a script to objects.

Speed of Change

Whilst it is acknowledged that DataEase gives you one of the quickest and most efficient development environments available today, a major component of the overall life cycle of an application is that of making changes to fulfil users’ ongoing requirements.

Object Manipulation Language

OML – Attach scripts to the objects that appear on your DataEase form. All visual elements you use on Forms or other documents consist of Objects accessible from other documents in your application.

Power where it’s needed

As a developer you can give users as much or as little power as required by allowing access to your entire application or parts of it, ad-hoc reporting, and general maintenance functions. You can use views and filters to create alternative views on a form to present selected information in different ways.

Low cost

DataEase is a low cost, highly productive database with thousands of DataEase users worldwide. Full international support is available to our users.